Chemnitzer Linuxtage 2019

In the time of 16th and 17th march a team of four Teckids e.V. members were at the Chemnitz Linux Days. We looked after the display Stand of schul-frei, where we were mainly presenting DebianEdu and BiscuIT.

On Saturday they went to the university, where the Linux Days took place. We had many interesting conversations with the visitors. Two of our team members were at a lecture about Micropython, which we are using, and its hardware and software options. They were also in a lecture about Bash, a free Unix shell. There they were able to learn how pipes, pointed clings and scripts are working. Later on that day they went to the social event, where they were able to talk to the coordinators and exhibitors.

On Sunday morning they were preparing the game development workshop for children, in which the 12 participants were able to learn how they can code 2D games. This was done by experimenting with code examples. They learned basic concepts about coding with Python and PyGame. The participants were surprised about the possibility to code games without any programming experiences. They want to continue code on their games at home.

One team member held a lecture about free software in schools. Our junior members were on a lecture about retro gaming, which was thought of as a time to talk about old games and gaming consoles. Our team went back to Bonn this evening.